Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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New Media Studies

Blogging article

Blogging and politics

"future" documentary EPIC 2014

Jenkins blog - re: gendering of fandom, rising popularity, mainstream perceptions

corporate sponsors of fannish practices, fostering fan bases, under "HP And the Media Revolution"

all regarding the future of the internet, media, and communication studies

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

society for the promotion of japanese animation

maybe this group, the SPJA, has something to do with the sudden accessibility and acceptability of japanese pop culture products.

boy's love a positive role model?!?

fumi yoshinaga's moon and sandals has made The Young Adult Library Services Association's list of "great graphic novels for teens"!!! YALSA is a part of the American Library Association, and has published a list of recommended graphic novels for teens, and a large majority of the titles are either manga or manhwa.

see ANN's coverage here.

how did moon and sandals end up on this list? who choses? what is the selection process? and are they aware that this comic contains GAY? this i just cannot believe.

not only have comics suddenly become more respectable in the eyes of "the institution", but the uncontrollable popularity of anime/manga/manhwa as well.

i am literally in shock right now.

fandom as positive pasttime for youth

creators of philly's tandokucon cite one of the reasons for arranging the con was to prevent youth from becoming involved in violence (link here).

this is quite strange, considering that anime is usually considered excessively violent and otaku prone to both self-destruction and harming others.

there is a definite change in the wind regarding mainstream perceptions of fans.

in popular culture, "nerd" characters such as "Heroes" (Hiro), Densha Otoko, etc. may be slightly laughable and piteous, but also increasingly popular (nominated for Emmys, etc.)

Fandom is gaining mainstream cultural capital!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

move over democracy

it's time for wikicracy.

(see article on history of wikis here.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

know your fanbase

nbc seems to have finally caught on to that there internet, and is actively using it to communicate and interact with the fans of its cash-cow masterpiece "heroes". the website invites fans to read supplementary comics, write their own works, and make music videos for chances to win prizes, as well as conducting a "world tour" and taking advantage of fandom's internal communication.

see the official website here.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

it appears i'm not the only one who noticed

about geeks suddenly becoming not only cooler, but a quality money-maker for the mainstream.

see time's article "geek god".