Sunday, July 29, 2007

the appearance of cool nerds

perhaps it is only a wishful thinking on my part, but why does it seem as though, all of a sudden, the geeks, the nerds, and even the dorks have recently managed to become an accepted and even beloved part of mainstream culture?

when did words like "con" and "cosplay" enter the everyday vocabulary? the most popular shows on television now practically require one to become a fan - following the content online, debating cast changes, buying all the associated products...

who is to blame for this transformation in the general consciousness? is it the dvds and their special features? the ability to easily watch and re-watch cult shows from decades past? hear actor's commentary?

or was it the internet, the readily available information on every minute detail of the ppre- and post-production of media, follow the blogs, interact with the creators, influence popular opinion through forum posts?

i really think we have reached a new age of media, where everything is connected, crosses over, and there are no boundaries between genres or formats any longer. some may call this postmoderism, but i hate labels like that.

as i write this, i am pondering gaiman's storytelling while watching koop's rahxephon amv euphoria.

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