Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay, so back in Australia... stressed out about all the things on my plate right now... but hey that's the life of the PhD student!

I'm currently working on an short article for the TWC's upcoming issue on Supernatural, and have been swimming through my mountain of SPN vids to choose which to talk about. And hey I'm just curious: what's your favourite meta-y SPN vid, or one that tickled your thinky brain, and why?

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Rebecca Tushnet said...

Counteragent's Still Alive is my favorite fandom meta. I also like destina's Want as a commentary on what fans want as well as what the YED wants. And the recently premiered Every State Line is my favorite commentary on the types of narratives represented in SPN and its status as modern myth, though Channel Hopping is even more overt about being meta.