Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not dead!

In a perhaps futile attempt to revive this dead blog, I shall post a quote regarding sexual orientation that I found to be quite intriguing:

"Insistence on having a sexual orientation in sex is about defending the status quo, maintaining sexual differences and the sexual hierarchy; whereas resistance to sexual orientation regimentation is more about where we need to be going."

- John Stoltenberg, 1989.

Thoughts, anyone? Agree or disagree? Find this man to be an idiot, or enlightened?


Emil P. said...

Idiot ? not sure ...

I have seen a "gender studies movie" some years ago, shown by a gender studies department: one character is put on trial by her mates for having an affair with a man; she is set against a wall and the group gathers in a semicircle, shouting questions. Now, I do not remember if the "defendant" was a positive character or not, or what was the point of the trial in the narrative economy of the movie, but the scene was (or I remember it to be) very powerful.

I think any insistence on regimentation (green vs. "industry", true geek vs. wannabe etc.) is more about creating and maintaining new hierarchies than about liberation and even organized "resistance to sexual orientation regimentation" would create a regimentation. Still, being able/allowed to choose a cause/hierarchy or to attempt to create your own is a form of liberation.

More on the point: "[i]nsistence on having a sexual orientation in sex
does defend the status quo because the unorthodox sexual orientations are build by recombining the elements of the orthodox sexual orientations, and insistence on "sex orientation" reinforces the perception that "sex orientation" is important, which is exactly what the anti-gay activists want to hear.

kt said...

thanks for the comment, emil - i had thought that no one was still reading this thing!

if i might ask, how did you come across it?